Trinity Series

Ebony’s Protector- Book 1

One sister born of pain.
One sister born of blood.
One sister born of death.

Three sisters bound,
Wiccan and nightwalker.
Three sisters found,
To join an empire.
A prophecy of three,
So let it be.

Ebony’s life varied from minor inconvenience to total disaster. She could never catch a break. From a young age, she had been sent to live with many foster families, each one rejecting her after a short amount of time, none of them wanting to take on her unusual health issues.
She couldn’t blame them—she didn’t know what the hell was wrong with her, either.

Now, living day to day, struggling to buy the medicine she needs and with no home to call her own, Ebony battles for the hope that she won’t always be so alone. However, just when Ebony thinks her life couldn’t possibly get any worse, it does, and the darkness calls to her.

Yet salvation arrives in the unlikely form of two beautiful, mysterious women and a man willing to fight to be her saviour.

As a new world is suddenly and unexpectedly thrust upon her, Ebony, whether she’s ready or not, is about to find out who she really is and exactly what she’s made of.

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Ivory’s Beserker- Book 2

Some fairytales are destined for ruin

Ivory, one of three royals of the nightwalker race, was broken. No longer was she the bubbly, quirky sister of prophecy. For too long she had denied her true feelings for the only man to set her soul on fire. She had done her best to push him away, only now that he was gone, she pined for him, missed him with every fibre of her being.

This wasn’t her fairytale; this wasn’t the ending she wanted.

She would get her happily ever after, even if it meant bringing back the dead. But Ivory soon discovers there are worse things than death…


Darkness reigned supreme in Bishop’s mind. Fleeting memories of a happy time skipped past, too quick to focus. Anger, like nothing he had ever known, coursed through him.

Fight… Kill… Destroy…

The only light in the deep darkness was her. She shone like a beacon, showing him the way home, if only for a second.

Fight her… Kill her… Destroy the light….

Can Ivory bring Bishop back, or will their love destroy each other, taking the nightwalker race with it?

Scarlett’s Warlock- book 3

Scarlett was the oldest sister by only minutes yet she felt like she had the world on her shoulders. 

With their father trying to kill them at every turn and the capture and possible death of her mate she finds she has no more left to lose. 

Wanting to see her sisters have their happy ever after, Scarlett decides to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Only her mate isn’t dead…

Justin had always been told that nightwalkers were evil, was even persuaded to help hunt them until her. Scarlett wasn’t just any nightwalker she was a hybrid as well as a princess and co ruler to the nightwalker throne. 

But surprisingly she was also his mate, the woman detained to be his. He would denounce his very race just to be by her side

Justin must fight to save his mate not only from her father but from herself before the magic takes her soul.