The Tears of Havoc Series

Cupid’s Essence- Book 1

What happens when the God of love, Cupid himself is bored……he does what he does best. He meddles in the affairs of mortals. Those same mortals that had stopped believing in the gods, had stopped believing in something more than just their plain boring reality.
Only Cupid has a habit of making a mess, Cupid has a habit of causing total chaos, that typically starts of a chain of events that can only end one way….tears.
Welcome to Tears of Havoc

Belinda Adams is your stereotypical librarian; tiny, swotty glasses and a perfectly straight pinstripe pencil skirt.
At twenty-eight, her only excitement comes from the books she adores and her strange hobby of collecting vintage perfume bottles.
Each one has pulled at her, teasing her with a depth she’s always felt she needs to explore.
With a non-existent love life she is well on her way to spinsterhood. Hell, she may as well get a cat.
A weekend trip to an antiques fair and a chance meeting with a stranger ends with her taking home a unique bottle called, “Cupid’s Essence”.
With a warning echoing in her mind, she takes it home, not expecting her life to be turned on its head.
It wasn’t her fault she didn’t believe the warning, didn’t believe in myths.
It wasn’t her fault that she didn’t believe in Cupid himself.

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Cupid’s Punishment-Book 2


Cupid’s Redemption-Book 3