The Soulmate Series

Soulkiss- Book 1

A quest to learn about the past is about to go wonderfully, terribly wrong…

Arianna came to Athens to study the ancient ruins. Daydreaming about her work isn’t strange right? Even if the man who seduces her each night seems far more real than anything else in her dull, predictable life.

Arcaeus had done everything to prove his loyalty to his god. Until Apollo betrayed him. Now he’s alone. broken and determined to find his lost love…even if his search will cross time itself.

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SoulFate- Book 2

She never saw him coming

Sonia’s life had become a series of bad dates and lonesome nights. Not one could compare to the warriors of old depicted in the relics she restored.

But when the stone comes to life and her dream guy is here in the flesh, can she handle everything that comes with a forever kind of love?

He should kill her, not protect her

Punished for an act of kindness and locked away for centuries, Cosmos returns to a world he doesn’t recognize, and a woman who takes his breath away.

When a prophecy unfolds he will have to make an impossible choice. Protect the woman his soul aches for, or save the world. He can’t have both.

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SoulDeath- Book 3

He won’t watch her die again. Even if it costs his own life.

Hades, lord of the dead, has been forced to watch the world from below for eons. He craves the one thing he doesn’t have, can never have… love. Even worse, he is forced to watch his soulmate reincarnated only to die alone without him, over and over.

Not this time. Enough is enough. This time he’ll stop her dying even if it defies the fates. Even if it means his own death, he will risk anything for his love.

She’s not who she thinks she is. She never has been.

Andromeda has always been in the outside looking in. The odd loner who didn’t fit in anywhere. Dreams of the past haunt her and a chance encounter with a dark stranger set her on a different path. She knows him, but she’s never met him before. How can she believe his wild claims when she can’t even trust her own dreams.

One thing she knows for certain… her life is about to change. Only the fates will decide if its for the better.

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SoulScarred-Book 4

What do you do when the king and queen of Olympus won’t stop fighting?

You banish them both to Blackpool until they can learn to play nice.

That was Aphrodite’s plan. Whether it would work or not would be another matter. But something had to be done the Fate of Olympus herself counted on it.

Zeus, lord of Olympus and head honcho to the immortals, had screwed up. How? He had not one single clue. All he knew was his wife was a cold-hearted cow who now wanted a divorce.

There was no chance in hell that would be happening anytime soon. Even banished, he would fight for her, fight to have her back in his arms and bed where she was meant to be.

Hera had found a way to block all the pain and heartbreak her husband caused. This allowed her the freedom to hate. But now she wanted a fresh start away from him, from those mesmerizing eyes and sinful lips. In short she wanted a divorce, but what she got was banishment.

Banishment with Zeus.

Can the king and queen learn that love above all else is important or will hate win and tear them apart, taking Olympus with it.

Coming September 2022