The Elemental Dragon Series

Earth Dragon’s Claim-Book 1

One spell. A spell she had never expected to work… It will change Gina’s life forever.

She had accidentally awakened a creature of legend, a myth that never should have existed. Bound to the creature, Gina has little choice but to agree to its terms—or lose something more important than her life.

Joren had been summoned only once before in his centuries of existence, and this time, he would be in control. His rage is a force that can bring down a mountain, and he’s determined to use it as a weapon. However, he never thought to consider the possibility that there may just be a treasure beneath the rubble worth more than all the magic in the universe, worth more than life itself. And he isn’t the only one who wants it.

Brought together by fate, they must both battle to save their lives, their hearts and their soulmates.

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Water Dragon’s Curse-Book 2


Air Dragon’s Soul-Book 3


Fire Dragon’s Heart- Book 4