The Dragon’s Love Too Series

Dragon’s Knight Out- Book 1

Lady Penelope has never forgotten the story of Saint George defeating the dragon

Saint her a***

But it’s just that… a story. 

It was a damn good PR job. She should know. She was there

Only a blast from her past brings back long-forgotten feelings and a reminder that dragons do, in fact, hold grudges.

Can she let go of her anger long enough to let love back into her life? Or will the darkness of betrayal win?

A story of love, hope, and a smidge of luck.

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Dragon it Out- Book 2

Olivia had always been a calm and patient woman, that was until she was sacrificed by a power hungry black dragon only to become his sacred oracle. 

Now thats what you call a bad day. 

Now she’s got to find that famous patience…because between dealing with the voices in her head and the hot and sultry looks of a delicious blue dragon she may finally snap. 

Oliva holds the fate of the world in her hands… along with love, destiny, and a double order of chicken nuggies. 

A story of self belief, sexy dragons and of course patience.

Dragon My Heart- Book 3

She’s finally free, but now she’s playing century catch up.

Freedom isn’t what Erisia thought it was. Not only does she have to deal with the invention of the motor car, but what the hell is a tok-tik? 

She has to relearn the world, which is not helped by a green dragon who thinks they’re joined at the hip and won’t leave her be.

Unsure what to do with a dragon who has puppy tendancies, she does the only thing she can think of… and leashes him.

When her hard-won freedom is threatened, Erisia must make a choice. Roll over to her former master… or fight.

She’ll fight to the last to protect herself, her new friends, and for the right to choose what her heart desires.

A story of friendship, loyalty, and, of course, Love.