The Dark Desire Series

Dark Confusion- Book 1

He had failed.
Callum was one of the best warriors the enforcers had in their ranks, only he felt like a failure. He had failed to protect the one thing that was more important than his own life. She had been taken from him and now he couldn’t find her, and he feared the worst. But he wouldn’t give up, not when his heart told him she was still alive. He would never give up until he found her, no matter how lost she may seem.

Helena was lost.
Lost to her own mind and to her soul. Since that fateful night she has felt torn, split in half, searching for a way out and the one thing that will complete her and make her feel whole again. Her only problem: she doesn’t know what is real or a figment of her imagination. Memories and deep, dark fantasies have merged, making her existence seem like a cruel joke. Can Helena fight the demons within herself? Can she free herself from the prison that is her mind?

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Dark Need- Book 2

Addicted to Desire, Tainted by Love

Abandoned as a baby, Constance has spent all her life alone, surviving from day-to-day and dealing with her ever-increasing hunger. Since the age of 18, she has fought the need for sex until she can’t take it anymore and finally relinquishes her innocence. Five years on, she spends her weekdays as an office clerk in Hackney, London, and her weekends searching for nameless hook-ups in the hope they will quench her unrelenting desires and her body’s constant need. A freak accident sets her on a course that changes her life completely but finally reveals who she truly is.

An enforcer for his kind, Dominic’s job is to protect Succubi’s from other immortal races and hide them from the humans. His job simple, until a rogue female hits his radar and sets off every protective instinct he has. He can’t help but find her body alluring, releasing a desire he is not ready for. But Dominic’s life is turned upside down when her soul calls to him, sealing a bond that is forbidden.

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Dark Possession- Book 3

For over 200 years, Sebastian has served his kind as the best tracker ever bred for the Enforcers. Until the night of his Taking ceremony. With his bonded, his mate, stolen from him, Sebastian drowns himself in sorrow and blocks everything from his mind but the need to hunt—desperate heart be damned

Aria was lost. Stolen from her love, tortured beyond reason, she felt the clutches of darkness suffocating her. And on the brink of that darkness was the sharp, painful edge of need for something she no longer had. She knows she needs to escape, to fight, but will it all be too little too late?

Can Sebastian find the drive to win back his fated? Can Aria use the last of her strength to break free?

Their desire to be together again should be enough, but the demons that haunt them threaten to tear them both apart for good.

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Dark Seduction- Book 4

Sienna’s short life had been nothing short of brutal, caged and alone she didn’t know who or what she was. 

But she was learning, learning how to be free with the help of him. 

A male that helped her see through the dark, made her feel like she wasn’t alone anymore. Made her feel more than she ever thought possible. 

When her past comes knocking she has to make the choice. Protect her new family or go back to the hellhole that was her life. 

Only she’s not the same girl they captured. 

Cooper has sworn to protect his queen and his race. They had always come first until her. 

A sweet scared female with eyes the color of fallen autumn leaves, she made him forget about his own darkness. Made him look forward to something more. Yet when she vanishes from the haven they had created,  he is forced to follow, finding out not only is she his mate but something that could jeopardize the Succubi race itself. 

Only together can they battle the demons of both their past. But will those secrets tear them apart.


Dark Hate- Book 5


Darkness In You- Book 6