The Altorian Cyborg Series

Betraying Ko’ran- Book 1

Ko’ran Edwards, Commander of Terra One, is carrying the fate of his entire race on his weary shoulders. Wounded and betrayed, his home destroyed, he needs to find a way off the planet and back to what’s left of his people, and to do it, he’s going to need the help of an unexpected—and utterly captivating—human woman.

Bethany Walker lost everything the day she watched her husband die: the love of her life, a career she adored, and any hope for her future. Trapped in a bitter cycle of loneliness and grief, the arrival of a gorgeous cyborg with a familiar face changes everything.

Publisher’s Note: This story was previously released as part of the Loved In Space Anthology. This edition has been revised and expanded.

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Jorah’s Revenge- Book 2

He craves Revenge 

Broken and on the verge of death, it takes all the strength Jorah possess to fight against the darkness. Not the cyborg he was before he struggles with the overwhelming need for vengeance against those that betrayed his race and his loyalty to his team. Through the pain and nightmares, there is one shining light.

She wants freedom

All of her existence 3V4 has craved to be free, dreamt about it. When her master is killed giving her the chance to escape she takes it, even when the cyborg makes her feel things she knows nothing about. Even when his very touch awakens feelings and wants she had unknowingly craved. 

When her masters want her back can Jorah put aside his revenge and protect the woman that is more than what she seems and the key to filling his empty soul. 

Saving Stephanie- Book 3

Stephanie has been running from her past for so long she’s forgotten what it feels like to belong somewhere. Her family dead, she only has herself to rely on. That was until she met them. Altorian males who do more than make her feel, they make her believe that she can stop running, make her believe she has finally found a place to call home.

Bash has also been the fool, the clown of the until. No one knows how deep his darkness goes. He’s kept it that way, kept the demons at bay especially from the one male who has always managed to tie him in knots. When a female bursts into their world it makes Bash realize his feelings…… and what he would fight to the death for.

Sax knows the darkness that lives within his fellow cyborg, it’s the same darkness he fights each and every night. Yet getting close to the male that has come to mean so much to him is about as easy as riding a black hole. When Stephanie starts to break those walls, Sax sees his chance. Finally he has a chance at the happiness he has only ever dreamed of… with not one but two souls meant for him. He just needs them to see it…

When Stephanie is taken from them, both of them must fight through their darkness to each other and only then can they save the woman who completes their soul.


Vant’s Purpose- Book 4